Gen Y is the world's most tech savvy generation. Learn how you can earn loyalty to your organisation with best-in-class technology and employee experiences.

First came the World Wide Web. Then the Internet. And now, the Cloud. Born after 1980, Gen Y is the first generation to live their whole lives with modern technology. And since Millenials make up 25% of today’s workforce (according to a report by non-profit company, Catalyst), companies are starting to respond to their new ideas about ways of working.

93% of Millenials surveyed stated that they want to work abroad at some point throughout their career. Knowing this, it’s clear that mobility holds the key to keeping them engaged and excited, as well as increasing the likelihood that this population will stay at one company over the long term. But mobility on its own isn’t enough. Gen Y expect the same level of choice within their assignments as they do with every major decision in their lives.

This means choosing everything from which shipping company to use, to their temporary accommodation upon arrival, to the real estate agent in their new city. And they expect to be able to research and manage their move all in one place, easily, and to rest assured that their details are secure in the Cloud – rather than on some outdated server!

MOVE Guides knows what Gen Y wants because we are Gen Y ourselves. We also know what employers want – visibility across their mobility program, advice about improving their lump sum policies, and sophisticated reporting and management tools – because we are employers too. Get in touch with MOVE Guides to learn more about how we can help you manage your moves.


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