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Equitable distribution of benefits is the future for all global employees in the US, EMEA and APAC. Most companies focus on providing support to new hires and interns in the US, whereas new employees in the EMEA and APAC regions often have to deal with a disparity in benefits within their company, receiving limited or even no benefits. As companies expand to new cities and continents and as more talent relocates abroad, these inequalities will become increasingly problematic.

Millennials are more likely to work abroad than any other generation on the job market before them. Gone is the life-long loyalty to staying in one location, and replacing it is a desire for self-betterment and the best offer going. Companies need to adapt to this new way of thinking and provide equitable benefits across their company, all over the world.

The new generation of workers are technologically savvy, globally connected and socially conscious generation, acutely aware of benefits they receive, or benefits they don’t but others do. While there are slight differences between priorities, in general employees want similar things across the world, especially with the emerging generation.

In addition, companies must be conscious of social media. Connectivity and communication between countries has never been so quick and easy. In the age of social media, the new generation is quick to spot an uneven experience across their company.

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