Do you know how much your mobility program is costing you?


According to PwC, only 36% of organizations currently have access to the right data in order to manage their globally mobile employees. And of those, many only get access to the right data by spending weeks compiling spreadsheets manually.

In order to quantify cost, improve visibility and generate insight, you need data. But how can you easily access it when you need it? 

As I talk to HR and mobility professionals, I hear there is a common struggle to find the right information at the right time when it comes to tracking the performance of mobility programs. More often than not, HR teams need to spend hours to manually consolidate data from emails, spreadsheets, paper print-outs sitting in many disparate locations – both internally and with third-parties. This is time that they'd rather be spending supporting the organization as a strategic partner, but are unable to due to the lack of a single version of the truth when it comes to talent mobility data.

The average international employee move may involve a dozen vendors, including shipping companies, travel companies, real estate firms and others. All told, one move of an employee and their family may involve payments to 15 companies or individuals. From the perspective of a company moving the employee, the process will typically involve 10 people from a host of different departments, including finance, human resources and legal.

Just doing the math is painful enough! Imagine the benefits for your mobility program if all of the information was available 24/7 in a single place, and everyone was able to access it with one click of their mouse? 

That is no longer a fantasy scenario at MOVE Guides, but reality. Our Talent Mobility Cloud puts key mobility metrics and detailed reporting at your fingertips. We now offer over 60 configurable charts and a dozen reports that are built into your personalized dashboard. These charts and reports – available in our cloud platform 24/7 and on any device - capture real-time, live information about various program stats including visibility to the services that employees are booking, the status of their moves, as well as details around the type and volumes of exceptions and escalations. With MOVE Guides, you can now get key program metrics in just a few clicks - not weeks of manual work.


As a result of achieving better visibility over program costs, our customers can plan and forecast more effectively:

  • HR and mobility teams can easily analyze and optimize how much they are spending per each move, and report back to their stakeholders such as finance, the business units and the C-suite.
  • HR and mobility teams can finally invest the days they used to spend sourcing and consolidating data into more strategic activities that directly impact the business.
  • Finance teams can ensure compliance and business continuity, and better calculate the ROI from mobility programs.

This is how we think HR in a successful 21st century organization looks like.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of instant and accurate reporting? We can help you.

Read this factsheet to learn in more detail how MOVE Guides is helping companies like Societe Generale, Adobe and Tesco to increase efficiency through better data analytics.


About The Author

Steve Black

Co-Founder & VP, Product