Learn why developing cross-border capabilities in staff gives your organization a competitive advantage and why MOVE Guides knows this best.

Despite recent belt-tightening by many companies, hiring top-notch employees is still a competitive market place. In some respects, it is tougher than ever for HR as the changing landscape of worker demographics leaves recruiters scratching their heads as to which perks will pique the interests of bright candidates under 30.

Gen-Y employees privilege opportunity over large pay cheques in their earlier working years as they see experience as a key factor in getting ahead. Part of that desire for experience consists of a rising interest in working abroad. In fact, 93% of Gen Ys we surveyed expressed an interest in setting sail for foreign lands in the name of career enrichment.

Why does this matter you ask?

While we know that "under 30s" isn't the only candidate pool to paddle in, consider this: over 75% of the workforce will consist of Millennials by 2020. That means, all those eager travelers are quickly becoming the majority, necessitating a serious look at HR policies surrounding cross-border hiring.

Furthermore, much of the IT and information management talent that HR looks for is centered around a younger demographic. With these areas becoming such critical components to almost every business, this is a demographic worth adapting to.

So you've decided to look beyond your backyard for candidates. Now what?

MOVE Guides has extensively researched the needs and desires of the Millennials to figure out how best to support these cross-border businesspeople. The evidence is clear. Younger movers require a fine balance of assistance and autonomy. This generation is used to supportive parents backing them in everything they do. They have also been enabled by smartphones - looking up any information they need in an instant. As a result, this group loves to consult their peers but also tends to think they know it all on their own.

Supporting cross-border hires and transferees with lump sum policies is a great way to give employees the support and autonomy they need. You can ensure the right information is at their finger tips whilst allowing them to prioritize shipping the dog vs. spending a few extra days in a serviced apartment.

At MOVE Guides, we know that developing programs to support hires and settle them into their new locations is critical to addressing this generation and ensuring successful placements in your organization. Over-prescribed programs can mean dissatisfied employees if they wind up with services they didn't need or didn't have enough say in the process. Often this is also at a far greater cost to the organization as well.

MOVE Guides knows that a strong cross-border program is the best way to show your candidates how serious you are about their unique employment needs and benefit priorities. To start planning your lump sum program, contact us today!

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