At MOVE Guides, we're always working to improve the experience that your employees have during their moves. As a cloud platform, we release new features and performance updates every two weeks, delivering the best relocation experience on the market to your employees. We're excited to share our latest social features to help employees make friends, find roommates and get questions answered before arriving in a new city. Leveraging social networks integrations, MOVE Guides' Employee Hub is now more social than ever -- offering numerous ways for your employees to start acclimating to a new city before they arrive. Social integrations can be configured by company, employee demographic or location.

1. Find connections in a new city

Your employees can find connections that they already have in a city they are moving to. At login, your employees can choose to link their account to their Facebook and/or LinkedIn account and then easily discover connections they already have in the city they are going to. Know someone from university in Hong Kong? Have a friend of the family in Seattle? Find them easily through our social integration - see an example at the top of this post.


2. Find roommates & make friends

Through integrations with Google Hangouts &, your employees can now join regular Google Hangouts to meet other incoming employees at your company or similar companies. MOVE Guides arranges these hangouts regularly when there are large volumes of employees going into a particular city or region, and they can be setup for employees from your company only or for employees to meet others coming into a city. This is particularly useful for new hires and interns during summer and for group moves. Employees see details of upcoming hangouts right from their MOVE Hub and can join right from MOVE Guides.

Additionally - with the integration - employees can easily find groups of people with similar intersests in their new city - helping them feel more at home from day one. Whether your employees are looking for a group of keen photographers, new friends interested in modern art, or much more - they can now get settled in their new city more easily - all with MOVE Guides.



3. Chat with friends and colleagues during moves

Your employees now have the benefit of asking questions to both their dedicated MOVE Advocate and to each other through integrated LinkedIn groups. At MOVE Guides, we know that employees like to chat with their peers before arriving in a new city. Now they can do that directly from their MOVE Hub. LinkedIn groups are restricted to specific sets of employees and you can also join to communicate information as needed.

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