I am delighted to be featured as the most recent Fold Woman and to join their distinguished list of professional women in business. It is inspiring to have platforms such as The Fold that celebrate women leaders in the UK and which also provides them with the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in a fun, collaborative way.

Last month, I met the Fold Magazine team, including founder and fellow LBS alumni Polly McMaster, for a great morning photo shoot near their office. Starting the day off in their showroom, I loved fishing through an array of beautifully tailored clothing made for the professional, on-the-go businesswoman. As a female run business, they are extremely successful at identifying what women want out of their work clothes and understand that your work attire is a reflection of your business.


Along with the photo shoot, I was interviewed about my entrepreneurial journey. They asked about my inspiration for starting MOVE Guides, what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur and how important it is for both men and women to recognize that their work style can influence their brand.

One of my favourite questions that I get asked a lot is what advice I would offer someone who is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. When first starting a business people are going to try to bring you down, point our problems and challenge your every move. So in order to build a successful business it is so important to be self-confident, have passion for your product and fight for what you believe in. In addition, surround yourself with great mentors, both men and women, who will coach you along the way and support your business as it grows from an idea to a successful company. Check out the full interview on the The Fold Magazine’s website!



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Brynne Herbert

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