From day one, our CEO and founder, Brynne Herbert and COO and co-founder, Steve Black, believed that the key to building world-class team was to create a strong and unique company culture. Today, as you walk into any of our global offices, you can immediately feel the MOVE Guide culture come to life and recognise what makes MOVE Guides like no other company to work for.

Together, we have developed five values at MOVE Guides that are the foundation of our amazing culture. These values are more than just a poster on a wall; they are at the core of our team and are reflected in all aspects of our global company. Below, we highlight what these values are and what they mean for growing our team of A+ players, eager to transform an industry.

Be the Brand: We all aim to "Be the Brand" – we think global, we exceed customer expectations at every opportunity and we share our stories. This translates into a high performance oriented culture and we all play a role, regardless of job, in selling MOVE guides, contributing ideas to the product roadmap and thrilling our customers.

Act Like an Owner: We all have share options in the company and therefore strive to ‘Act Like an Owner’. We make decisions in the interest of our company and we take ownership over our own careers - asking questions, asking for help and providing feedback regularly.

Embrace the Journey: We are challenged everyday to think big and ‘Embrace the Journey’ to transform an industry. We believe we can create products and solutions that no one thought possible.  We also laugh, collaborate and love the day to day excitement of building a company together.

Love to Learn: At MOVE Guides, we have culture of learning - we ‘Love to Learn’! We take on new challenges, are constantly learning new skills and building our network.

Teamwork Matters: Finally, at MOVE Guides, “Teamwork Matters.”  Regardless of role, everyone on the team is always eager to lend a hand tand contribute where help is needed. We congratulate each other on our successes, and truly believe that success of one team member means success for the whole team.

You can always recognise a MOVE Guides team member by these values. We are subject matter experts about our industry and product, always find ways to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers, love to learn, embrace change and most importantly are great fun to work with.


About The Author

Rachael King