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Sean Pratt

Sean is MOVE Guides' Marketing Manager and a certified Global Mobility Specialist.
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10 carry-on essentials for the savvy traveler

By Sean Pratt | Feb 23, 2017

From polling the frequent fliers, business travelers and international jet setters of the MOVE Guides team, here are 10 items to stash in your carry-on bag to make your next trip a little more enjoyable.


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MOVE Guides' New Video

By Sean Pratt | May 27, 2016

Fresh from the editing room, enjoy our new overview video! See how MOVE Guides makes global mobility easier for customers and employees around the world. 

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Intern and new hire webinar Highlights

By Sean Pratt | Mar 02, 2016

Just last week, MOVE Guides' Solution Consultant, Jeff Lee hosted a highly attended webinar on global mobility for new hires and interns.

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Meet the team, Leona Leong

By Sean Pratt | Jan 05, 2016

At MOVE Guides we may help other company’s employees relocate around the world, but we are ourselves a team of expats and world travelers. Last year we welcomed self-described “Third culture kid,” Leona Leong as a Customer Success Manager based in San Francisco.

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By Sean Pratt | Dec 04, 2015

MOVE Guides featured in the Sunday Times

MOVE Guides was featured on the Sunday Times in November as a top scale-up business. This article discusses MOVE Guides' incredible growth over the past three years, as well as new research from the Scale-Up Institute.

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Highlights from the Global Workforce Symposium 2015

By Sean Pratt | Oct 14, 2015

Last week MOVE Guides was in full attendance at the Global Workforce Symposium in Boston. After such an eventful week with tons of networking, learning, and of course delicious seafood, we left more excited than ever for the future of talent mobility. Here are the event highlights and takeaways from the MOVE Guides’ team.

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FEM Americas 2015: MOVE Guides Recap

By Sean Pratt | Sep 21, 2015

Just the other week MOVE Guides was in attendance at the 2015 FEM Americas Summit and EMMAs, where we were shortlisted for awards in two categories: Relocation Management Company of the Year and the Most Innovative use of Technology in Global Mobility. It was a busy two days of networking and learning with many takeaways from the event. Here are our key ones from the MOVE Guides delegation.

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August Highlights From the MOVE Guides team

By Sean Pratt | Sep 02, 2015

Data analytics drive mobility program success

Last month, MOVE Guides' Mobility Consultant, Christine Weddell, outlined why access to data analysis is necessary to drive the optimization of any mobility program. Christine shared strategies and tactics on how to collect and analyze mobility data in order to demonstrate real business value and ROI.

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Move Advocates Make Relocating No Big Deal

By Sean Pratt | Aug 21, 2015

This article orginally appeared on

From an early age, Moné McLucas knew that she had good people skills.

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Get to know the team, Morgan Woodhouse

By Sean Pratt | Jul 30, 2015

In January we welcomed Morgan to MOVE Guides as a MOVE Advocate based in our San Francisco office.

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