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Sean Pratt

Sean is MOVE Guides' Marketing Manager and a certified Global Mobility Specialist.
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Creating Win-Win Relocation Policies for Employees and Employers

By Sean Pratt | Jan 16, 2018

Two primary goals of any global mobility program are for the move to result in placing talent wherever in the world it’s needed, and to ensure that the employee has a smooth and efficient relocation experience. An essential component to achieving these goals is a flexible, cost-efficient relocation policy that meets organizational and employee needs.

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How Much Technology Is In Your Mobility Processes?

By Sean Pratt | Jan 09, 2018

Every organization wants to have access to the right talent, no matter the location. For many, talent mobility is gaining in popularity as a useful way of deploying talent wherever they may be needed most. Research conducted by consulting firm PWC found that the average number of relocating employees in companies rose by 25% between 1998 and 2009, and that the number will grow another 50% by the year 2020. As companies continue to relocate an increasing number of employees, organizations with the most effective mobility technology will have a competitive advantage in managing relocations and related costs.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions: 4 Questions to Ask a Potential Partner

By Sean Pratt | Dec 27, 2017

With respect to talent mobility, you want the right partner who will work together to help you meet the mobility needs of your workforce. In addition, establishing the right talent mobility solution will also attract and retain talent. In a recent survey by Futurestep, a division of the Korn Ferry global search firm, 87% of surveyed executives agreed that talent mobility is crucial to the attraction and retention of employees.

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MOVE Guides CEO, Brynne Kennedy on DisrupTV

By Sean Pratt | Dec 11, 2017

Earlier this fall Brynne joined R"Ray" Wang and Vala Afshar as a guest on DisrupTV, discussing the role technology and mobility will play for companies in our rapidly growing global economy. If you missed it live the recording is now available for you to watch!  

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Is It Time to Bring on a Partner For Global Mobility Management?

By Sean Pratt | Dec 07, 2017

More and more companies are going mobile—with their employees, that is. But is HR or a global mobility team able to keep up with increased demand? Running global mobility programs involves managing a lot of moving parts, and in some situations it makes sense to work with a dedicated team of global mobility experts to ensure nothing falls through the cracks (and that you’re optimizing your costs).

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October Insight with Alahna Krueger

By Sean Pratt | Oct 26, 2017

This week we're sharing some highlights from our conversation with the ever energetic, straight shooter, and frankly just an all around awesome person, Alahna Krueger. Industry veteran and Founding Partner at Amber Lodging, Alahna talks about the speed with which companies need to operate to embrace change and keep pace with a rapidly evolving marketplace. Enjoy! 

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Going Digital with Mobility and Relocation to Increase HR Efficiency

By Sean Pratt | Oct 24, 2017

HR departments everywhere are feeling the squeeze. The squeeze to do more—in the face of rising challenges. Finding and keeping top talent is harder than ever, and it weighs heavily on the minds of leadership. In fact, 90 percent of recruiters in an MRI Network survey agree that it’s a candidate-driven market, while, according to PwC, 77 percent of CEOs see the availability (or lack thereof) of key skills as the biggest threat to business.

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October Insight with Tamara Kitka

By Sean Pratt | Oct 18, 2017

In this week's October Insight video we sit down with our friend Tamara Kitka, Director of Client Partnerships at The Right Move Group.  Tamara shares her insight on the value of destination services for employees, the importance of the human element in a relocation, and how to balance the benefits of increased technology, data and analytics with the need for human input and creativity in mobility programs. 

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October Insight with Anthony Gonzalez

By Sean Pratt | Oct 13, 2017

In this week's October Insight video we're chatting with one of our favorite "Temp Housing Gurus," Anthony Gonzalez. A BAMM (Bay Area Mobility Management) board member and current Director of Business Development with Synergy Housing, Anthony shares his insight into the changing demographics of those being relocated, and the methods being used to move people. Check it out! 

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October Insight with David Windley

By Sean Pratt | Oct 04, 2017

 We kick off our October Insight series with a conversation we had with David Windley. David is President of IQTalent Partners, a SHRM Board of Directors member and former CHRO at companies like SanDisk and Yahoo. In this video he shares his insight on the global nature of talent and the importance of thinking globally when it comes to your HR and talent strategy. Check it out! 

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