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Chantel Rowe

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Tax Talk - The Impact of US Tax Reform on Your Mobility Programs

By Chantel Rowe | Jan 04, 2018

Most people in the mobility industry have been closely watching the tax changes currently being proposed in the US to be effective from Jan 1, 2018. Whilst your tax advisors can give you the full technical rundown of the proposed changes, now that the fireworks and bubbles of New Years Eve have faded away it’s time to start giving some thought to how these changes could potentially impact your program and your mobile employees.

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More data, more problems? Best practices for reporting and analytics

By Chantel Rowe | Oct 30, 2017

Transformation. Return on investment. Data driven decisions. Improving employee experience. Alignment with people strategy. Things you’ve been hearing for a while, right?  Ever notice when you’re right there and ready to start delivering value to your company and your employees, you find yourself up to your elbows in spreadsheets and disjointed, incoherent data, unable to extract the insights you’re looking for?  Many companies spend a considerable amount of time organizing their data into one place only to struggle to make any sense or draw any meaning from it without proper analytic tools at their disposal.  

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Give Employees What They Want: Mobility policies finally embrace the human element

By Chantel Rowe | May 23, 2017

It’s interesting when we’re out in the market speaking with customers, prospects, industry peers – everyone emphasizes the need for flexibility and a human touch.

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New White Paper on Interns: How do you continually deliver a world class internship experience?

By Chantel Rowe | Dec 20, 2016

Interns make up a valuable source of new talent required to grow an organization and meet business objectives. Being that their first experience with your organization will be their relocation to their new summer job, it is imperative to get that component right and ensure their ongoing experience leaves a lasting impression. 

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Intern Mania! If you haven’t started your intern program planning for 2017, it’s not too late to start.

By Chantel Rowe | Dec 08, 2016

It's the height of intern planning season, so we're reflecting on how companies can better support intern programs.

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Technology Innovation in Challenging Industries

By Chantel Rowe | Oct 13, 2016

At first glace, you might assume that the new HR technology-based solutions available in the market – innovative, disruptive, promoting self-enablement – may resonate better with companies in a particular industry. Technology startups, media and advertising companies, fashion brands – companies who tend to hire millennial employees demanding technology enablers and requiring less traditional forms of support.

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What America has taught me about… enjoying things that come easily

By Chantel Rowe | Oct 04, 2016

America is making me – and my cat – soft. For me, travelling and living abroad has been as much about challenging myself as just broadening my horizons.

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Adventures from the Wild Wild West (Coast) - What America Has Taught Me About Choice

By Chantel Rowe | Sep 15, 2016

Americans love choice. It’s as if choice in every way, shape and form represents freedom itself - the very values that this country was formed on. I personally find the level of choice in America intimidating. Not because I don’t value the ability to control my own destiny, but because I don’t feel the need to input into every element of my day to day life. I also don’t feel I should be trusted to do so – I am not a barista, a pizza chef, cocktail bartender, a tailor… so who am I to be making these decisions?

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Adventures from the Wild Wild West (Coast) - From mover to moved

By Chantel Rowe | Sep 06, 2016

Becoming a Golden State Warrior – 1 year on

Twelve months ago, California was a place I associated with oranges, something to do with wine, Laguna Beach and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Exception management – The unexpected costs (and benefits) of exceptions - Re:Locate Magazine

By Chantel Rowe | Jul 21, 2016

Companies generally have relocation and assignment policies to govern what an employee will and will not receive during their assignment, amongst other aspects.

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