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2016 in Global Mobility Management: Year in Review

By Brynne Herbert | Jan 05, 2017

2016 was year of significant change in global mobility management.  We saw migration of all types reshaping our societies; enterprises digitizing global mobility processes and easily accessing data on mobile employees for the first time, and technological advances that bring us closer to a world where the flow of people, goods and payments is seamless. Here are my thoughts on these major shifts in 2016.

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#Mobility4All - MOVE Guides 2016 Holiday Appeal

By Brynne Herbert | Dec 07, 2016

At MOVE Guides, it is our mission make it easy for any of the more than 7 billion people in the world to move anywhere. We believe in an open, global and mobile world – where we work together as one global society to innovate and solve complex problems.

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Into the Jungle — The Calais Refugee Camp and Why It Matters

By Brynne Herbert | Nov 01, 2016

Civilizations fall apart when we stop caring for our fellow man” — Help Refugees

Two weeks ago, I visited the Calais Jungle refugee camp days before it was to be demolished by the French government.

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Global Mobility Moonshots

By Brynne Herbert | Oct 28, 2016

Five Trends that will Shape the Way Companies Manage and Move Global Employees

I attended the Wall Street Journal Digital Conference (#WSJDLive) with business leaders from around the world discussing the future of business and society. 

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Silicon Valley vs. Europe — building global champions and what’s different about each

By Brynne Herbert | Oct 06, 2016

Last month, I attended SaaStock, the first ever European technology conference dedicated to Software-as-a-Service businesses in Europe.

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MOVE Guides to Share How Technology Powers Global Mobility at ERC's 2016 Global Workforce Symposium

By Brynne Herbert | Sep 28, 2016

CEO Brynne Herbert to Provide Key Insights During Panel Discussion; Company to Exhibit Relocation Management Software

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Seven tips to beat jet lag while building a global company

By Brynne Herbert | Sep 22, 2016

Building a global company from day one has meant countless short haul and long haul flights around the world.

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New White Paper with PwC - Recent talent trends forcing strategic approaches: How enhanced mobility is at the core

By Brynne Herbert | Sep 22, 2016

72% of CEOs in PwC’s latest survey say that are worried about the availability of key skills.  The expected scarcity of resources is a growing economic concern. MOVE Guides and PwC, our strategic partner, released a new thought-leadership piece to discuss how mobility is at the core of this critical talent trend.

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Global mobility: how technology can simplify complexity for employee relocations

By Brynne Herbert | Aug 22, 2016

 This piece was originally featured on the Telegraph and Business Reporter. 

Employee relocations are often a headache for employee and company alike, but what if both the process and experience could be better through a single technology platform?

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Is Brexit An Opportunity To Reform Immigration For Skilled Workers?

By Brynne Herbert | Aug 15, 2016

This piece is originally featured on ERE Media.

In 2010, David Cameron pledged to reduce net migration in the UK to tens of thousands. This was always going to be impossible with the freedom of movement from the European Union.

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