With so many steps required to initiate and manage a new employee move, it’s a wonder you have time to focus on anything else! Learn how you can automate this process and make better use of your time.

You know that the post-candidate experience is just as important as the candidate’s recruitment and on-boarding experience. However it’s usually during this post-candidate time that your level of hands-on management increases exponentially. Once your candidate has accepted their offer, your relocation management skills kick in. You’ve got to confirm the employee’s hire or move date, identify where they’re moving from and to, confirm and process their relocation allowance, and provide the employee with resources to support their move.

In addition to all this, you’ll become their go-to person for all their qualitative questions like how they should get to work in their new city, why their household goods shipment got stopped at Customs, and whether the Real Estate Agent’s fee is negotiable.

These activities and conversations can be onerous, time consuming, and cumbersome, especially when you have other responsibilities on your plate. What you really want is an efficient, cost effective way to automate these administrative tasks while still providing your employees with a tailored experience.

MOVE Guides’ SaaS platform lets you initiate new moves with one click, streamline your relocation allowance payments, and provide your employees with a high-tech, Gen-Y tailored solution that will enable you and your employees to make the most of your most valuable resource – your time!

About The Author

Brynne Herbert

CEO and Founder