Are you leaving your employees out in the cold? Do you know the hidden costs to your business of leaving your employees to fend for themselves during a relocation?


Relocating can be a daunting experience for anyone. With countless tasks to complete and decisions to make in a short space of time, the experience can seem like a full time job in itself. Join MOVE Guides for our webinar on January 22nd to learn how offering relocation support to your employees can make a real difference to your bottom line.


Better employee productivity

Employees spend between 100–200 hours of productive work time organizing a relocation (The Impact Group), which equates to up to $10,000 per year in productivity loss per employee. Providing your employees with dedicated technology, information and support can drive real improvements in your bottom line, by reducing the time employees spend planning and researching their relocation.

Better employee retention

With companies investing more than $10,000 per employee in recruiting and onboarding new hires (HR Magazine, Novita Training), a huge 55% of companies still struggle to retain their top employees (Towers Watson). Ensuring a strong post-candidate experience for new hires during their relocation helps to safeguard the huge investment made in recruiting top talent and reduce these risks.

Better employee engagement

Companies with highly engaged employees demonstrate 21% higher productivity, 22% higher profits and 25% lower staff turnover than average companies (Gallup, Harvard Business Review). Ensure your employees feel valued, supported and empowered by offering technology-enabled relocation support, helping them to engage before they start work in a new office.

Better HR productivity

The HR administrative burden increases exponentially when recruiters and HR managers field many queries from relocating and onboarding employees. Outsourcing relocation support ensures employees receive dedicated assistance, allowing HR professionals to focus on critical strategic functions and drives real business efficiency.

Better employee experience

Many companies leave relocation and onboarding to employees, and as a result welcome frustrated employees on their first day of work in a new job or office. Well-supported relocations increase the likelihood of successful moves and onboarding – ensuring happy and engaged employees.


Join us for our webinar on January 22nd (10am London, 10am New York) to learn how relocation support can increase productivity, retention and engagement, and make a real impact on your bottom line. Email Frank@moveguides.com (Europe) or Kate@moveguides.com (US) to reserve your place today!

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